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High Performance Parts for AM's '56-'67 Rambler V8 Engine

XRV8 Race Parts custom fabricates high performance parts to explore the racing potential of American Motors' '56-'67 Rambler V8 Engine.

Many XRV8 Race Parts require an exchange of goods and services; you send me your core(s), I do my work & send it back to you.

Concerning prices; you and I agree to a fair trade of money for services rendered.

As implied by name, all XRV8 Race Parts are eXperimental 'race only' parts. No guarantees.

We are comrades, defending and advancing the reputation of our favorite AMC products.

In this way, I am your ambitious friend.

Contact me by Email: rktfbg@gmail.com

New phone number: (830) 383-1070 ask for David



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XRV8 Race Parts:
Low mount alternator bracket adapts '75 Gremlin three wire Delco unit to RV8
-Eliminates heavy cast iron high mount generator/alternator bracket for weight reduction
(requires mechanical fuel pump delete)
 Summit Racing: Underdrive alternator belt pulley (use calculator)
Alto's Red Eagle friction and Kolene steel clutch plates (for AM iron or aluminum case)
-see Alto's catalog p.25 for AM WG iron case units, p.31 for aluminum case units
AM iron case Warner Gear automatic bellhousing to Ford AOD adapter kit
-will need custom smaller diameter flange pressed into crank hub to adapt Ford torque converter
Gear Vendors: Overdrive conversion kits -they do torque tube units also!
XRV8 Race Parts -High Perf. AM WG iron or aluminum case specialist! (many options)
-Ford FMX '5 & 5' front and rear clutch drum conversion
-I can make your crank bushing to run FMX high stall converter using FMX pump gears
(pertains to all AM engines running Warner Gear iron case automatic; FMX converter
uses different pump gear engagement & smaller diameter pilot button)
'Quick Shift' -listed here for example only*
*some of these AM WG iron case automatics may have bronze frictions in the clutches
which complicates 'proper' fluid choice; feel free to inquire by Email or ph#
 Speedometer Gear -to match alternative axle gear ratio
Bullet Cams: Regrind & camshaft customization services
Crane Cams: Re-grind service
Elgin Cams: Re-grind service; expect to pay approx. $350, see cam for 443 XRV8 engine
Oregon Cam Grinding: Re-grind service (heresay; six weeks turnaround time)
Metlab: Heat treating service for re-ground camshaft
CAMSHAFT BEARINGS: Durabond H-5 (Melling)
Egge Machine Company 
Autoplicity -best price for Durabond H-5, fast shipping
XRV8 Race Parts: XRV8 Roller Timing Set (cores required)
Choose your brand, I install your hub, unit gets trued up using .0001" dial indicator.
-upper timing sprocket gets balanced (with or without fuel pump eccentric) and polished
-my work priced to compete with Rollmaster
XRV8 Race Parts: Custom race rods made to order for AM Rambler V8 engines -cores required
*XRV8 RP can re-cut your rod bearing notches, to defeat the low rpm oil spurt feature, in order to use the less expensive miss-engineered semi-grooved rod bearings.
JEGS: Sealed Power Vintage 2230CP -these are a 'Tri-metal' design like the old "Clevite 77"s but have no oil spurt notch to keep more oil in the rod bearing for high rpm/race type application.
*Avoid buying the miss-engineered aftermarket semi-grooved rod bearings... if you already have these, allow XRV8 Race Parts to reverse your rod bearing location notches; this will keep more oil in the bearing area for greater durability past 2000 rpm.
CONNECTING ROD BOLTS: 3/8" doweled shank, 2.5" UHL, "D" shaped head... still haven't found a source (need to mail one of my spares to ARP?)
Callies Crankshaft Co. -Custom billet cranshaft manufacturer
Moldex Crankshaft Co. -Custom Billet crankshaft manfacturer
XRV8 Race Parts: Internal balanced welded stroker crankshaft
-Crankshaft lightening, detail grinding, polishing
-Custom crankshaft balancing modifications to obtain precison internal balance
Uncommon Engineering
XRV8 Race Parts: Specializing in custom fabricated higher performance parts for AM's '56-'67 Rambler V8 engine.
XRV8 Race Parts: Distributor -lightened, polished and clear coated housing (Delco type)
XRV8 Race Parts: Dual Point breaker plate for Rambler V8 (Delco, prototype already made, just needs testing)
XRV8 Race Parts: Modded factory iron exhaust manifolds: lightened; detail ground exterior for 'cleaner' appearance, detailed outlet to improve flow
-I do 'bolt extraction' and/or repair broken studs
Rockauto: Fel-Pro vendor
Vintage Gasket: Best Gasket vendor
XRV8 Race Parts: Lightweight, neutral balanced, polish and clear coat option
(will need rotatating assembly rebalanced)
XRV8 Race Parts: Custom Ramber V8 cylinder head modifications mild to wild, cores required
Headers by Ed:
-Pre-made header flanges for '56-'67 AMRV8
-Header tubing kits with appropriate three into one collectors for '56-'67 AMRV8
Accel: Dual point conversion kit -for hotter spark under 3000 rpm than transistorized
Galvin's AMC Rambler Parts: electronic 'points eliminator' conversion kit
XRV8 Race Parts: prototype dual point breaker kit
'56 SAE Article: "The New American Motors V8"
'58 Rambler V8 Technical Service Manual
'64 A/FX Rambler American 418 CID
AM's very own book; "Peformance American Style" Want to build an AMC race engine? This is where to start!
Victory Library article on adapting 'other make' intake manifolds
XRV8 Race Parts: Custom fabricated Rambler V8 intake manifolds
Dual 4bbl Single Plane
Stock RV8 intake: 2 to 4 conversion (core exchange desired)


Rhoads Lifters: for 'variable duration' valve timing

Lunati's lifters for Mopar are .903"? (not .904" -.001" smaller diameter? = not for AM engines)

Sealed Power HT-2011R: requires adjustable pushrods or rockers for precise lifter preload


OIL FILTER: (see XRV8 oil filter picture album here)

Baldwin B-9: 'medium flow' 20 micron rating, Made in USA!

Baldwin BT-350: *Largest diameter, no anti-drainback valve, no internal bypass, adds one quart to stock system

Baldwin BT-525: *Longest spin on filter element, with anti-drainback valve, no internal bypass

Fram PH11: 'Long style', no rusty cap on filter media, no bypass, medium micron (New Zealand ownership, made in Mexico)

Fram TG5: Adapts by using AMRV8 oil filter gasket. This unit has finer micron filter element but still suitable for 10-40W oils. (don't use oil filters designed for the newer thinner synthetic oil: too restrictive & AMC V8 clearances were not engineered for such thin oil) no internal bypass

Hastings LF212: (Baldwin owns Hastings? Made in USA!)

NAPA Gold (WIX 510830) -same specs as Baldwin BT-350, no internal bypass, adds one full quart to system

Purolator L30005: 'Long style', quality product (German ownership; MANN Filter)

WIX 51049: 'Long style', quality product, 21 micron rating (German ownership; MANN Filter)

WIX 51830: (same specs as Baldwin BT350*) no anti-drainback valve, 25 micron rating (high flow/lower restriction)

*Baldwin's prefix/suffix chart says 'BT' means 'spin on lube or hydraulic'

*Baldwin info: indicates only about 10% of engine oil goes through filter on stock bypass system, see also p45; BT filters use composite media and show 20 micron filtration ability (despite Zoro showing 27 micron rating)



XRV8 Race Parts: Oil Filter Mount, no bypass for 100% filtration

Someone said 'You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make 'em drink.' ...how about filtered water?

The stock Rambler V8 oil filter mount employs a built in bypass which uses an arguably weak spring. With only about 10 psi. backpressure from the filter, the bypass circumnavigates the filter and feeds unfiltered oil to the engine.

To make matters worse, many oil filter makers offering oil filters for Rambler V8 incorrectly incoporate an additional internal bypass in their design; this makes two bypasses ...to make double sure your engine gets served unfiltered oil!

My opinon: 1) Investigate and make sure you don't run a filter that has it's own internal bypass. 2) Run XRV8 RP no bypass oil filter mount for full time 100% filtration only. 3) Double your filter change routine instead.



XRV8 Race Parts: Custom Rambler V8 oil pan modifications: (many options)

-Expanded sump under oil pump area

-Trap door rear baffle

-Custom floor to fit 6-cylinder engine crossmember

-drain plug relocation

Oil Pan Gasket: Fel-Pro pn # OS 5270 C



XRV8 Race Parts: Ported RV8 oil pump with oversize pick up tube and enlarged bellmouth

Summit Racing: Melling M-64 stock oil pump



JE Pistons: Custom Race Pistons

Wisco Pistons: Custom Race Pistons

XRV8 Race Parts: Custom wrist pin modifications

-Chevy Gen1 .927" wrist pin bores honed to AMC .913" wrist pin diameter

-Wrist pin bores drilled, reamed and honed to use Big Block Chevy .990"+ wrist pins

-Piston lightening & weight matching for precision internal balanced reciprocating assembly



Aircraft Spruce: DIY chromoly tubing .313" x .058" wall

-for 'assembled type' pushrods; those which have pressed in tips

Galvin's AMC Rambler Parts -stock replacement (209) 365-6315

Iskenderian: Pushrods for Rambler V8 pn# 1303, 1313 pg.47 Isky Catalog 2016

Isky webpage link to Rambler V8 pushrods here

Manton Pushrods

OE Pushrods: custom chromoly made to length 1-586-463-6520




Crower: Custom offset rocker arms, various ratios

Galvin's AMC Rambler Parts: Rebuilt RV8 shaft mount rocker units

Harland Sharpe: Custom Roller Rocker Arms, various ratios

XRV8 Race Parts: Re-worked stock rockers: weight matched, detail ground & polished

...if your shafts are worn, consider having them 'hard chromed'

after brazing process to fill typical gouged areas...




EPI: Excellent article on the benefits of detail polishing mechanical parts

XRV8 Race Parts: Detail grinding and polishing (AMC products only)



AMC radiators by US Radiator but I'd easily recommend Champion Cooling Systems for a well made high performance radiator if keepin' it stock looking is not an issue on your car. The correctly sized two row aluminum for AMCs from Champion is seven pounds lighter, having much better heat dissipation & has excellent trans fluid cooler in correct location.



XRV8 Race Parts: Weight matched, detail ground & polished

Rocker Arms Unlimited: Rebuilt rocker arms for '56-'67 AMRV8



See article here on benefits of shotpeening.



Automotive Electric Services: Gear reduction mini starter

High torque mini starter -eBay vendor


TIMING GEAR SET: (See Camshaft Timing) Note: Gears do not use a chain! Chains use sprockets.



Falcon Global: Source for stock 250/287/327 RV8 and 360/401 AMV8 valves

XRV8 Race Parts: Cut down 360/401 AMV8 valves (1.95" intake, 1.60" exhaust) to fit RV8 combustion chambers



American Parts Depot

Galvin's AMC Rambler Parts: NOS, New Reproduction & Used AMC Rambler Parts

Kanter Auto Parts: Many hard to find AMC, Rambler and RV8 engine parts with excellent service.

-They show two different upper timing gears for 287 or 327 RV8?

-They sell the semi-grooved connecting rod bearings for 327 (avoid those if possible)

Kennedy American






Alto USA: Auto Trans Parts

Competition Cams: Valvetrain

Crower Cams: Valvetrain

Engine Works: Race Parts

JE Pistons: Pistons, Wrist Pins

Manton: Pushrods

Sealed Power Vintage: RV8 pn#s!

SBI Catalog: Valvetrain

SmithBros: Pushrods

Xceldyne: Valvetrain (titanium!)


Federal Mogul: Champion heat range/plug reach

Melling: Valve Springs

Melling: Valves